Telltale Signs Your Child Needs Speech Therapy

Language therapy for children is very different than language therapy for adults because, usually, a child never did have developed language skills so the parents and SLP are teaching the child how to use language for the first time.

For whatever reason, these children are having troubles learning how to use word and understand words and may require additional assistance to pick that skill up. 

Instead of waiting to see if the child will learn on his own and possibly fall further behind, therapy can be provided to help your child off to the best start.

Your child may have a language problem if:

  • She doesn’t use many words or has a small vocabulary
  • She has troubles getting you to understand what she wants
  • Others have troubles understanding what your child is saying

There are many reasons a child may be delayed in their language skills.  Reach out to a speech pathologist today help your child communicate!

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March 9, 2020

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