Sometimes It’s Good to Know a Tattletale, Especially if She’s an SLP
Suleika Pryce
Suleika Pryce, SLP and author

Have you ever wished that you had someone to tell you all the ins-and-outs of working as a clinical fellow (CF) in a skilled nursing facility (SNF)?  You know, her version of what is really happening and who is doing what?  Suleika Pryce, author of Tattletales of a Speech-Language Pathologist: the CFY’s Guide to Surviving a Skilled Nursing Facility, does all this and more in her newly released book.

Becoming a Tattletale

Suleika has the mind of a writer and has always dreamed of writing a book.  When she started her CF at a SNF, she realized that there was so much that she did not know.  In truth, she felt that not only did she not know important things, she felt she and those she treated were at a disadvantage.  Faced with these challenges, she did what she knew how to do: she wrote.  This time, instead of writing a graduate paper or a treatment summary, she decided to write a book.   

Her Book Was Born Out of Need

A new SLP thrust into a new environment, Suleika was constantly problem solving, and began writing to critically think through and document her discoveries. She learned who the different members are on an inter-professional team and how to maximize those working relationships. She learned how to get orders, how to chart in a timely manner, and how to work with specific patient populations, such as patients with dementia. She learned so much more and when she had a problem, she figured out a solution and wrote very creatively about it.  

Tattletales is About Telling You the Truth 

Suleika has a style of writing that will be beneficial for any new or transitioning SLP starting to work in a SNF.  Since writing is one of her ways of processing, she brings the reader on a very real authentic journey through her learning adventures.  It’s a very personal easy read and the reader feels like she is sitting with a best friend sharing “good gossip” on how to be the best SLP possible. 

Want to learn more about Suleika Pryce? Listen to her and Mattie chat on The Missing Link for SLPs Podcast.

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April 15, 2021

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