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What is Your SLP Origin Story? Send Us a Message!

If you’ve been listening to The Missing Link for SLPs Podcast, you know we love to feature guests of all backgrounds and experiences levels to provide a holistic industry perspective – and inspiration – for all of the new SLPs and audiologists just launching their careers.

This year, we want YOU to be a guest on our podcast!

Share those short little stories with us that speak volumes: 
  • your SLP story of origin,
  • any moment that highlights “this is why I’m doing what I’m doing,”
  • experiences of important lessons learned and the “what not to dos,”
  • or any other insights you think might help and encourage your fellow SLPs and audiologists. 
*Just call us and leave a message – 10 seconds to two minutes long – at 612-361-9810.
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We’ll collect the stories and play them on The Missing Link for SLPs Podcast as they come in, or save them to be stitched together when we have a few like-minded stories.

*By leaving a message your are consenting to it being played on the Missing Link for SLPs Podcast and other Fresh SLP platforms.

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February 4, 2021


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