SLP Camp and Volunteer Opportunities to Gain Experience

If you’re in grad school looking to gain hands-on experience as an SLP, you might look for paid or volunteer opportunities at camps and clinics focused on health and independence for all. Here are six you can scout and apply to now!

  1. Camp Howe
    • Goshen, MA
    • Camp Howe is a New England summer camp for all genders with contemporary programs offering one and two-week sessions. We excel at creating a community in which everyone is accepted for who they are so each individual child can learn to accept themself just as they are. 
  1. Bay Cliff Health Camp
    • Big Bay, MI
    • Bay Cliff Health Camp is a therapy and wellness center serving the needs of individuals living with disabilities. Bay Cliff provides multiple programs throughout the year and hosts several events for organizations aligned with our commitment to promoting health, happiness, and independence for people of all ages.
  1. Camp Words Unspoken
    • In New England but expanding nationwide so check their website
    • Camp Words Unspoken is a fun-filled experience for youths and teens who stutter to come together, to create memories, and to foster friendships that can last a lifetime!!
  2. Camp Meadowood Springs Speech Camp
    • Weston, OR
    • Camp Meadowood Springs is an outdoor summer camp experience with a focus on speech and language skills for students with communication disorders.
  1. Camp Yakety Yak: Special Needs Day Camp | Lake Oswego …
    • Lake Oswego, OR
    • Camp Yakety Yak’s mission is to provide experiences and services that help children with special needs grow socially and emotionally by improving their friendship and communication skills. We do this through an active, fun, and vibrant summer camp experience uniquely designed to provide research-based programs and interventions by trained staff and professionals, graduate program interns, and volunteers. 
  1. Autism Therapy | The Griffin Promise Autism Clinic
    • Broken Arrow, OK
    • At The Griffin Promise Autism Clinic, we’re about helping individuals become the best they can be. Our mission is to provide HOPE to individuals with social developmental disorders and their caregivers through therapy, training, summer camps, and community outreach. We believe in taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about Autism and helping our community learn ways to be inclusive.
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February 19, 2021

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