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Fresh SLP Graduate Student Planner

Mattie Murrey
I’m Mattie, the founder and SLP behind Fresh SLP. I’ve been “in-the-trenches” as a medical SLP for over 25 years and now as an Assistant Professor and Clinical Supervisor for an accredited CSD program, my passion has turned to supporting others in this ever-growing field. Adding this dream of a learning community is the cherry on top of my dreams! If you ask my patients and students one thing they will remember about me, they will tell you how much I love my job!

Fresh SLP Graduate Student Planner

This Year 2022 planner is a great option for students who are looking for organization and mindfulness at the same time.

* Have you struggled with planning your schedule?
* Do you feel unorganized and always behind?
* Are you worried about missing assignments?
* Are you unsure of the best way to organize your clinic caseload?
* Do you get so stressed out that you can’t even think sometimes?
*Want to put your best foot forward as a SLP graduate student?

With the Fresh SLP Planner, you are on your way to maximizing your productivity, well-being, and success on this very important part of your journey.


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