Features the “A.R.M.S” approach to dysphagia therapy, a patient-focused, organized therapeutic tool to maximize outcomes.




As part of our therapy module, you’ll receive a full array of patient-friendly therapy tools including compensatory swallowing strategies and oral motor exercises, complete with daily patient self-tracking.

Receive 22 pages of comprehensive        resources including:

  • Tips for all phases of swallowing including Oral, Oropharyngeal, Pharyngeal and Esophageal.  
  • Oral exercises to share with your patients and their caregivers
  • Tips on how posture can affect certain swallowing functions
  • Diet recommendations
  • Compensatory swallow strategies
  • Safer Swallow habits
  • Throat exercises
  • And more

You’ll also receive my “A.R.M.S.” approach to dysphagia therapy, a specific therapeutic tool targeting specific dysphagia types using teaching/therapy points and strategies to AVOID swallowing difficulties (compensatory swallowing strategies), RECOVER when signs of swallowing difficulties occur, MAINTAIN best health practices (educational section here), and STRENGTHENING (oral motor exercises).