The magic sauce! These educational tools are instrumental in starting conversations on what your patients need to know.




Our Education unit has the all-important conversations regarding dysphagia. Each worksheet was designed to be patient friendly and a launching pad for advancing the education of our patients and their caregivers. These pages carry within them the seeds for further questions and answers in the therapeutic setting, which patients can take home and reread, absorb, understand and implement.

Receive 20 pages of educational materials including:

  • What is Dysphagia and Why Therapy is Important
  • Ways to decrease drooling
  • Tips to decrease dry mouth
  • Methods to reduce heartburn and reflux
  • Aspiration and community acquired pneumonia
  • Creating a safe swallowing environment
  • Dining out on a modified diet
  • Free Water Guidelines
  • Healthy Ways to Add Weight
  • Safer Feeding at the End of Life
  • Swallowing Pills Safely
  • Warning Signs of a Swallowing Problem
  • The Importance of Cleaning Your Mouth After Every Meal
  • And more!