Includes everything you need to get started with the basics of evaluation, treatment, and education for your dysphagia patient.




Purchase the Dysphasia bundle and access all the units including education, therapy and evaluation. It would take years to assemble the valuable tips, guides, evaluation forms and exercises that are provided in this bundle. With over 70 pages of content, you’ll never find a more well-rounded resource specifically for dysphasia.


  • Dysphagia Evaluations
  • Dysphagia Therapy
  • Dysphagia Education


Templates for CBSE or VFSS swallow studies including history, oral motor evaluation forms, evaluation impression forms and a patient friendly take home recommendations guide.

    • A full section of therapy tools including the ARMS©, an effective dysphagia teaching tool developed for maximizing dysphagia therapy carryover.
    • A variety of highly used, effective,  friendly and easy-to-read education materials developed to assist you in instructing your patient.
    • A full variety of easy-to-read swallowing strategies and exercises.
    • Patient-based education tools, such as 5 Habits for a Safer Swallow, in table-top format as well.
    • A dedicated diet education section for instructing patients regarding why you make the diet recommendations you do any why it is a smart medical move to follow your recommendations.
    • More than ten educational tools including strategies for dining out with dysphagia to creating a safer swallowing environment.