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Welcome Back! 2021 Preview & Call for SLP Stories
SLP Spotlight
SLP Spotlight
Welcome Back! 2021 Preview & Call for SLP Stories
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Welcome back to our Missing Link for SLPs podcast series. I am excited you’re here! We took a month off, myself and my team, to kind of get a fresh look at things and to build some energy up and set some new goals for 2021. And I must say we are really excited that you are back and that we are back. We have some exciting things lined up.


We’re gonna continue with our graduate student journey, we’re going to start a very next episode is going to be picking back up with Miss Bailey Jackson. She’s on her internship placement. So we’ll get some reflections from her on how things are going with her.

We’re going to talk with some newly released authors, Bob McKinney, and Dan Sherwood, we have a lot of other guests lined up for you.

Share Your SLP Story of Origin, Experiences & Questions with Us!

In addition, we’re adding something interesting, we want you to be part of the guest on our show. So we’re giving you a Google number. And just call it and leave short little stories, it can be 10 seconds or two minutes.

We’ll do call outs at the end of the shows and just say, hey, call our number, this is the number and tell us about your SLP story of origin. Or anytime you have a story that shows, “this is why I’m doing what I’m doing.”

Or I have the students who are asking, “tell us what not to do.” So share those stories when things go wrong as well.

We will collect those stories, we will play them if we can right away if they fit right in. Otherwise, we’ll save them for when we have a few of those like minded stories together. And we’ll have fun listening to you, the listener story, as well.

So the number for that if you want to join in and be part of everything is 612-361-9810.

Behind the Scenes at Fresh SLP

On a personal note, I know the times are hard with COVID in the pandemic and in so many things are uncertain. And I honestly thought, where’s this podcast going? Where is this website going? It takes a lot of money and a lot of time to move this forward. And I thought, “you know what nobody else is giving up. Students are not turning away in droves, we are still going to have speech pathologists practicing and making the world a better place. So I am going to hang out and I’m going to continue”

Let me introduce you to my team. We have the fearless Kate Peabody, my long-time life and business coach. I’ll get her on here for an interview some time. She’s wonderful. Behind the scenes. We have Layne Pratt, who is phenomenal with what she does for my membership site. We have Christine Brown, she helps with my social and thought leadership. Andrew Bess is our audio editor, and Amanda Jones does the blog work. So we’ve got quite a team behind us, all pulling for the greatness of SLPs and audiologists and what we do.

So welcome back to the podcast series. Today’s message is short and sweet. We’ve got a new episode coming. And I would love nothing more in this new year to hear from you the listeners sharing your stories. So please call that number 612-361-9810. You can call it when you’re walking out of your hospital setting and saying on your way to the parking lot. Well, try to have good audio quality! But say, “hey, this is why I do what we do.” Or, “this is what happened to me in ICU today.” And I want to share this story or here’s what not to do. Just anything! We love stories.

So looking forward to hearing from you all! Welcome 2021 to all of us, and may we all have a good prosperous and productive New Year. See you soon.

Hosted by Mattie Murrey

February 2, 2021

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