How to SLP: SLP Skills
How to SLP: SLP Skills
Top 5 Reasons for Joining the New and Wildly Popular Dysphagia Journal Club on Facebook

Episode Focus

Today’s episode features an SLP who has a passion for dysphagia!  Wanting to further collaborate with others who share his passion in dysphagia, he started a Facebook Dysphagia Journal Club and in 3 days, had over 1800 members join!  Here is his story on why Dysphagia Journal Clubs are so important in keeping current in our practice as SLPs and how to start one.

Discussion & Reflection Questions

  1. Tell us about yourself and what you do.
  2. Why did you want to start a Dysphagia Journal Club?
  3. What are 5 reasons an SLP needs to be in a Dysphagia Journal Club?
  4. How do you start a Dysphagia Journal Club?
  5. How did you get started in your career as a medical SLP?
  6. Tell us a story of success as an SLP.
  7. What words of advice do you have for the new SLPs?

Quote Of The Conversation

“Research is always changing and new studies are what guide our treatment approaches. There was a time when everyone universally was taught that a chin tuck improved swallow and it was through thorough, current research that we discovered that for some patients, it’s actually contraindicated at protecting their airway. We owe it to our patients and to ourselves to be providing the most credible, evidenced based treatment possible. ” 

– Tom Dixon, MS, CCC-SLP

Guest Speaker Bio

Tom Dixson, MA, CCC-SLP

My name is Tom Dixon. I graduated with my Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Central Missouri. My wife and I currently live in St. Louis. I work full time in an inpatient rehab facility and PRN in acute care. I also serve as the brain injury team coordinator at our inpatient rehab hospital. I have a passion for oral health and dysphagia management and am currently in the process of applying for my BCS-S. In my spare time, I enjoy running, exploring new coffee shops, and traveling with my wife. 

Downloadable Resources

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Guest Speaker Information

Tom Dixson, MA, CCC-SLP

Facebook – Tom Dixson

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