SLP Graduate Student and CFY Stories
SLP Graduate Student and CFY Stories
Thoughts of a Soon-to-be Audiologist and Her Powerful Mindset for Graduate School {Graduate Student Journeys}

Meet Jordan McLaren, who very recently graduated with her Bachelor’s degree from St. Cloud State University and plans to pursue a graduate degree in Audiology, working with pediatric cochlear implant recipients. Jordan walks us through applying for graduate school and choosing the right program, as well as coping with those “what ifs” that tend to pop up during big life decisions. She delves into the importance of mindset when it comes to planning for the future and dealing with the unexpected.

Part 1 of a two-part series. Catch up Jordan here.

Discussion & Reflection Questions

  1. Tell us about who you are, your background, and why you decided to pursue the field of speech-language pathology, and more specifically, audiology.
  2. You’re currently waiting to hear back from graduate programs you’ve applied to. Can you tell us about the application process?
  3. What are some of the lessons you’ve learned in creating your resume?
  4. What about your letter of intent? Are there any words of encouragement or strategies that you can share with those struggling to write one?
  5. How did you decide which graduate program to choose? What went into that decision-making process?
  6. What words of advice do you have for undergraduate students thinking about applying to a graduate program?
  7. What are some ways you’ve dealt with the doubts and “what ifs” that can accompany the graduate application process?

Quote Of The Conversation

Regarding writing her letter of intent:  “…be confident in who you are. Be who you are without any apologies. Speak to your love for the major.”
– Jordan McLaren

Jordan McLareren

Jordan McLaren

Speech-Language Pathology Student, St. Cloud State Graduate

Jordan McLaren just graduated from St. Cloud State University this fall with a Bachelor’s in Communication Sciences and Disorders and a minor in Psychology. She served as co-president of SCSU’s NSSLHA chapter, and is the audiology student representative on the executive board for the Future Professionals Committee. Jordan has a love for Audiology and traveling, and she plans to work with pediatric cochlear implant recipients in a medical setting upon graduation.

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