The Missing Link for SLPs
The Missing Link for SLPs
SLP What I Didn’t Learn in Grad School Series #7: Jenni Provda on Bringing Your A Game, and Being Okay With Not Being Perfect All The Time

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In this episode medical SLP Jenni Provda  speaks about the importance of being human! Yes, that’s right, how to be okay with mistakes!  She reflects on the emotional challenges of working in an ever-changing field. She talks about getting buy-in from other professionals. Jenni also reminds us that as ‘works in progress’, becoming knowledgeable in your field as an SLP takes time.

Discussion & Reflection Questions

  1. How do you handle it when something doesn’t go the way you had hoped or planned? Can you recognize and accept when something might not pan out? 
  2. How do you look after your emotional wellbeing? Do you take time for self care on a regular basis? 
  3. Can you adapt your written and verbal communication skills and language for different people you may interact with professionally, for example parents versus physicians? 
  4. Are you aware and comfortable with not only your own learning style, but also able to adapt to the learning styles of others you work with?
  5. Think about how you can cultivate relationships with a system or network of professionals who may understand the challenges of being an SLP. This may include other SLPs you know, and experienced professionals in other fields.

“What we do sometimes takes time, and we won’t see results right away and we have to keep going at it. And putting the time in education and developing these relationships serves to build respect. I’m in a very different place with some of the physicians I work with than I was years ago because they see value in what I do now.”

Jenni Provda

About Jenni Provda, CCC-SLP

Jenni Provda, Acute Care Speech Language Pathologist, has worked as a medical SLP since graduating from the College of New Jersey with an MA in Speech-Language Pathology in 2008. She also has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology.  

Based out of a hospital setting in New Jersey, her role has a neurological focus although she sees many different disorders. She also teaches in a graduate program in Philadelphia. She serves on the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey and on the board of a local school. Married with two sons, Jenni is a dog owner and volunteers at a local animal rescue.  

Get in Touch With Jenni Provda:

Phone: 917-951-1720 Email:

Mattie Murrey Tegel, MA, CCC-SLP, L, CPC, CLSC

Medical Speech-Language Pathologist and Founder of Fresh SLP

Mattie Murrey-Tegels is the founder and SLP behind Fresh SLP and The Missing Link for SLPs Podcast. She’s been “in-the-trenches” as a medical SLP around the world for over 25 years and now an Assistant Professor for 3 years. She is thrilled to be adding this dream of a podcast because paying her experiences forward is something she is very passionate about. If you ask her patients and students, one thing they will remember is how much she loves her job! She may not look like it but she is a huge introvert and when she is not actively working as an SLP, she is almost always reading, writing (writing over 1,000,000 words a year), or listening to amazing Chicago Blues bands. She also loves being outdoors and definitely enjoys soaking up the sun at her home in Minnesota, where warm and sunny days can be limited. She’s ridden motorcycles for many years, raced sled dogs, hiked huge mountains yet she cherishes the quiet moments of climbing into a hammock to nap or timeless conversations with friends and family.

The Missing Link for SLPs podcast and Fresh SLP is her legacy, giving back to a career that has so richly rewarded her.

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