The Missing Link for SLPs
She Made the Scary Leap from SLPA to SLP and She is Doing Well! (Private Practice Possibilities)


This SLP shares what it was like transitioning from teaching and working as an SLPA to getting her Master’s in speech-language pathology and opening her own private practice. She delves into some of the challenges she faced while pursuing her degree, and she shares what helped her scale her practice so quickly. She also explains how she helps SLPs land contracts with schools and governments to consistently generate more revenue.

Discussion & Reflection Questions

  1. Tell us about who you are, your background, and why you decided to go into the field of speech-language pathology.
  2. Tell us about your private practice.
  3. Why did you decide to transition from being an SLPA to an SLP? What was that change like?
  4. What do you think was the key to scaling your private practice so quickly?
  5. What does an average day at your private practice look like? What are some of the regular challenges you face?
  6. What was the journey of being an African American SLP like for you?
  7. If you were to do all of it over again, is there anything that you would do differently?
  8. What advice do you have for SLPAs, or even SLPs just starting their careers, who are interested in going into private practice?

Quote Of The Conversation

“I encourage any SLPA, or SLP even, who’s new in the field to have a good mentor. You need someone that’s going to help you navigate where you want to go in your career. And you need someone that’s going to be honest with you, and who’s going to be invested in your success.”

Ebony Green, M.S., CCC-SLP

Owner & Speech-Language Pathologist, CASA Speech Therapy

Ebony Green, M.S., CCC-SLP is a bilingual SLP and private practice owner in Gilbert, AZ. Ebony began her private practice after seven years working in the school setting and in home health. Currently, Ebony’s practice, CASA Speech Therapy, serves over 200 speech and occupational therapy patients per week and contracts with several public and private schools in Arizona.

In addition to managing her team of speech and occupational therapists, Ebony enjoys mentoring other SLPs on how to scale their practices with school contracts. When not working on her businesses, Ebony enjoys creating resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, hiking, reading and hanging out with her husband and two children.

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Guest Speaker Information

Ebony Green, M.S., CCC-SLP 
Owner and Speech-Language Pathologist, CASA Speech Therapy, LLC

Phone –    +1 (480) 296-2363

FacebookCasa Speech Therapy

Instagram –@casaspeech_ot_az

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