strategic transition

Top 3 Strategies for Being Successful as an SLP and a Business Owner (Private Practice Possibilities)

Focus This private practice SLP business owner focused on learning how to operate a lean and agile business during her doctoral program…

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challenges ahead

An Interview with a Clinical Fellow and Her Challenges During a Pandemic (SLP Graduate Student Journeys)

Focus Come listen to a CLP who had just started her Clinical Fellowship (CF), as she tells us how things have changed…

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Private Practice

An Interview with a Very Passionate AAC SLP Private Practice Business Owner! (Private Practice Possibilities)

Focus Ever heard of a private SLP practice that is totally about augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)?  This is Dr. Kristy Davies’…

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Private practice

An Interview with the Director of Clinical Services and Education of an MBS Company (Private Practice Possibilities)

Focus This episode started off focusing on a successful  SLP who is the director of a mobile MBS company. BONUS: Several spot-on…

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