The Missing Link for SLPs
The Missing Link for SLPs
Meet the SLP Who Walked Across Hot Coals Barefoot!

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During this week’s episode of The Missing Link for SLPs podcast, we speak with speech-language pathologist, life coach, and author Tsgoyna Tanzman. She shares what writing and self-publishing a book was like, why she coaches, and what made her choose speech pathology — and return after some time away.

Discussion & Reflection Questions

  1. You recently self-published a book for stroke survivors and caregivers. Can you tell us a little about that?
  2. For those who are interested in writing books of their own, what was the writing and self-publishing process like?
  3. In addition to being an author and SLP, you’re a life coach. How did you get into that, and what is it like?
  4. Who are some of the greatest coaches you worked with?
  5. Would you share with us why you became a speech pathologist and why you left?
  6. What made you come back to the field after spending time away?
  7. What words of advice did somebody give you that you did not follow and you were glad you did not follow?

Quote of the Conversation

“It was how she made me feel. She made me feel like there was hope. She made me feel like there was something that was going to shift. And I left the hospital after that, and I re-entered the field with a whole new perspective of how I was going to work with patients and what my real purpose was.”

– Tsgoyna Tanzman

Tsgoyna Tanzman

Speech-Language Pathologist and Life Coach

As a speech-language pathologist and life coach for more than 25 years, Tsgoyna has helped thousands of people transition after stroke and brain injury to the next stages of their lives. Having worked as a speech-language pathologist in hospitals, home care, residential and skilled nursing facilities, clinics, and community settings. She is an expert at helping people find both their inner and outer resources needed for the process of recovery. Tsgoyna’s unique therapeutic approach combines traditional and holistic speech therapy along with the life coaching practices used by some of the most successful people on the planet. She’s trained with legendary coaching gurus Tony Robbins, Dr. Dawson Church, Brooke Castillo, and Mitch Matthews, and she is a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming. Tsgoyna is best known for her down-to-earth practicality, enthusiasm, and sense of humor while compassionately guiding survivors and caregivers through recovery. In her spare time, she combs the beach and photographs nature’s heart shape signs of love.

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