The Missing Link for SLPs
The Missing Link for SLPs
A Day in the Life of a Medical SLP Who Works in a SNF {SLP Spotlight}

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Meet Jessica Schell, a speech-language pathologist who currently works in the skilled-nursing setting. In our latest episode, Jessica shares what a typical day at a SNF facility looks like. She reveals what clinical fellows can expect from this work environment, how they can prepare themselves, and some of the biggest challenges she has faced. As an SLP who has also dipped her toes in home healthcare, she offers some insight into that setting as well.

Discussion & Reflection Questions

  1. Tell us who you are, how you got started as a speech-language pathologist, and what setting you currently work in. 
  2. For those who don’t know, what is skilled nursing? What does it entail?
  3. Walk us through a typical day in a SNF setting. When does it start? When does it end? 
  4. Tell us about productivity requirements. What advice do you have for new speech pathologists regarding productivity?
  5. So, working in SNFs, what is your primary patient population that you treat? When primary etiologies [and] diagnoses do you work with?
  6. What are some opportunities speech pathologists may have in a SNF setting?
  7. Tell us about some of the challenges of working in a SNF. What are some of your biggest joys?

Quote of the Conversation

When you’re the speech therapist, people like to talk to you. And they like to tell you their life stories, and they tell you their secrets. And they depend on you, and they share stuff with you. And that is really fun. I love learning about people’s lives. And they’re so fascinating.

– Jessica Schell

Jessica Schell, Speech-Language Pathologist

Jessica Schell received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Minot State University. She has been an SLP for 15 years, and has worked in skilled nursing and home health care. Jessica has been a CF supervisor six times, and an internship supervisor over 20 times. When she’s not working, Jessica likes to travel. She has a goal of seeing all 50 U.S. states (and is currently at 42!).

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