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A Day in the Life of a Medical SLP: A Conversation with Two Private Practice FEES SLPs

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Meet George Barnes and Allie Boyer, two FEES specialists who started a mobile FEES company called FEESible Swallow Solutions. These SLPs explain how they got into such a specialized position, offer advice for students and clinical fellows looking to walk a similar path, and discuss some of the challenges they’ve faced because of COVID-19.

Discussion & Reflection Questions

  1. Tell us how you became a speech-language pathologist and what drew you to the field.
  2. Share how you got started in FEES and how the two of you decided to start your own company. 
  3. Can you explain to us exactly what FEES is and why it is such an important instrumental study at this time of the pandemic?
  4. For students and new speech pathologists who are intrigued by your job, can you walk us through what a typical day looks like working as a FEES specialist?
  5. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced since COVID-19 emerged?
  6. How many years should an SLP have under their belt before moving into FEES? How would you suggest they start moving into the FEES area?
  7. Do you have any words of advice for a student who may be starting a clinical fellow in a skilled nursing setting?

Quote of the Conversation

“I realized with speech pathology and healthcare, especially in this growing field, it’s really an exciting time to be a speech pathologist. You can do so many different things and get involved with so many different projects. So, I’m really happy that I made the decision that I did.”

– George Barnes MS CCC-SLP

George Barnes MS CCC-SLP

FEES Specialist and Founder of FEESible Swallow Solutions

George Barnes MS CCC-SLP has clinical experience in a variety of settings including acute care, acute rehab, skilled nursing, and critical illness recovery. This variety has developed his specialization in dysphagia management with a focus on diagnostics through instrumental swallow evaluations. His concentration is on geriatric patients with complex medical status. He is co-founder of FEESible Swallow Solutions, a mobile speech pathology company dedicated to improving access to high-quality dysphagia services for patients in the skilled nursing setting.

George has a track record of supporting the field of speech pathology by paying his knowledge forward to other professionals via graduate-level education, clinical fellowship and student supervision, the Student to Empowered Professional (STEP) mentorship program, The Medical SLP Collective mentorship service, ASHA special interest groups, peer review for ASHA course material, the SIG13 dysphagia editorial committee, and participation in various interdisciplinary teams and committees in the hospital setting. He is a multiple ASHA ACE Award recipient for his dedication to continuing education. George actively conducts and supports new research aimed to improve efficiency and accuracy in dysphagia diagnostics, management, and care.

Allie Boyer Mataras MA CCC-SLP CBIS

FEES Specialist and Founder of FEESible Swallow Solutions

Allie Mataras has treated patients with dysphagia in the acute, subacute, LTAC and inpatient rehab settings. She is a member of ASHA Special Interest Group 13 (Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders), Dysphagia Research Society, and the New Jersey Speech-Language Hearing Association. Allie is a 3-time ASHA ACE Award recipient for her dedication towards continuing education in the field of dysphagia. Allie has successfully implemented and managed Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) programs at the corporate level and she is the Director of Fundraising for Dysphagia Outreach Project. Allie is especially excited and honored to be a co-founder of New Jersey-based mobile FEES company, FEESible Swallow Solutions. Allie believes wholeheartedly that all persons with dysphagia should have direct access to the tools that are vital in the maintenance of dysphagia, as well as in the overall improvement of quality of life.

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