Providing Guidance to SLPs

Congratulations! You’ve graduated from your Master’s program and are ready to begin your career! You’re probably eager to step out into the real world but still unsure of how to apply everything you’ve learned. You are aware that there are many things still yet to navigate in this new and unfamiliar life. You’re not alone! That’s why we offer mentorship programs to help launch your career.
 We’ll work together to identify your challenges, share resources materials and find answers that will provide real results.

What You Will Get

As a mentor coach with 25+ years’ experience in the field, I help round out your career, empowering you to drive your career where you want it to go by targeting YOUR strengths and goals to be the best practitioner you can.

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Mattie Murrey-Tegels, MA, CCC-SLP, L, CLSC

As part of your mentorship program

We’ll assist you with:

  1. Developing your resume and cover letter
  2. Polishing your interviewing skills
  3. Negotiating your next position
  4. Ensuring good clinical fellowship year supervision
  5. Adhering to ASHA standards
  6. Increased self confidence
  7. Effective goal setting
  8. Managing a caseload
  9. Effective daily routines for maximizing effectiveness
  10. Strategies for success and conflict resolution
  11. Problem solving strategies for the CFY
  12. Career Mapping

Everything You Need to Succeed

As a bonus, I’ll share my subject matter expertise, tools, and skills in working with patients and can fill in the blanks and answer those questions regarding pay/benefits negotiation and the other ins and outs of your first professional position and ongoing growth

Get your career off to the right start!

Schedule 15-minutes with Mattie and learn how we can grow together.