Providing Guidance to New and Transitioning SLPs

Congratulations! You’ve graduated from your Master’s program and are ready to begin your career! You’re probably eager to step out into the real world but still unsure of how to apply everything you’ve learned. You are aware that there are many things still yet to navigate in this new and unfamiliar life. You’re not alone! That’s why we offer a membership program, to help transition and launch into your career with confidence and a supportive community. Joining your new cohort of SLPs starting or transitioning in their careers! Help yourself cross the bridge between graduate school and into a fulfilling career.

Join The Missing Link for Fresh SLPs Membership Program and get:

- Ongoing courses
- Live Webinars
- Member calls
- Content archives
- Downloads
- Career planning tools
- Premium materials
- Member perks
- Standalone content
- Community cohorts

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Mattie Murrey-Tegels, MA, CCC-SLP, L, CLSC

As part of The Missing Link for Fresh SLPs Membership Program

We’ll assist you with:

  1. Medical SLP Bootcamp
  2. Avoiding Top 5 Mistakes CFs Make
  3. Focused Career Mapping Based on Your Dreams
  4. Stand Apart Resume and Interviewing
  5. Increasing Your Self Confidence
  6. Problem Solving Strategies for Your CFY
  7. Maximizing Effective Goal Setting
  8. Successfully Managing Effective Sessions
  9. Integrating Strategies for Success
  10. Effective Conflict Resolution
  11. Avoiding Burnout
  12. LEAN Time Management

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Join our Fresh SLP Facebook membership community and collaborate with other SLPs who have many of the same questions you do and together, you can support one another. You are not alone!

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