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Is Your Child a Picky Eater? Maybe There’s Another Problem

Is your child a picky eater or is it maybe another problem?  

Kids have all sorts of reasons for not eating what is on their plate and it can be so frustrating as a parent, trying to get them to eat a balanced diet. 

It may feel like you are planning your entire meal around what you know your picky eating will actually eat and you probably are.  It’s hard being out and about with other families whose kids eat anything in the site or at a family gathering when others tell you that you aren’t being strict enough with your problem feeder.  

But there may be other reasons why your child isn’t eating everything you put in front of him.  

Some kids have oral difficulties resulting in trouble chewing their foods.  

Some kids have a very limited circle of foods that they will eat and will only eat things of a certain color, texture or temperature.  

It’s important to identify a feeding, eating or swallowing problem early on so your child can get the nutrients on a daily basis that their brain and body need to grow!

A speech pathologist with this specialized training can help you identify if there is a problem and provide therapy to improve your child’s eating and swallowing abilities

Written by Mattie Murrey

March 9, 2020

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