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I am the 2%
Mattie Murrey-Tegels, MA, CCC-SLP, L, CLSC and Founder of Fresh SLP.

By Mattie Murrey-Tegels

In honor of Valentine’s day, I’m sharing a poem I wrote that reminds us our goals are reached when we start with self-compassion; when we start with love and awe for ourselves and the lives we want to create.

They say that only 2% of people who set their goals, actually reach their goals. This goes for large life-changing goals from breaking free and staying free from abusive relationships, to finally reaching long-standing weight loss goals, to liberating financial freedom.  

I am the 2%

I am part of the 2% that survives and thrives.

I am someone.
I am someone not to be denied.
I am someone not to be underestimated.
I am someone not to be brushed aside.
I am someone not to be discouraged.
I am someone not to be dismissed.

I am someone that will overcome.  
I am someone that will persevere.
I am someone that will rise above and move on.
I am someone that will fulfill her dreams and have the life she wants.
I am someone that will set my goals and work slowly and diligently towards them.
I am someone that will arrive in heaven with a large smile on my face with a life well-lived.
I am someone.  

I am the 2% that makes it.

Why me?  Someone has to be the 2% that actually does survive and thrive.  

So instead of asking, “why me?”  I ask myself, “Why not me?”

Please read this and know I’m thinking, “why not you, SLP!?”

Download the poem to print and read again and again!

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February 11, 2021

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