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Dysphagia Module

A step-by-step guide and materials on HOW to apply your skills

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Freshly squeezed materials to help you work with your adult patients.



The missing link between WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT dysphagia and HOW TO APPLY what you know.

“I wish I had this program when I first started! It would have been so much easier!”

Nicki Burrington, MA, CCC-SLP

 This module was designed for recent graduates and SLPs looking to enhance their dysphagia skillset. Learn how to implement an effective dysphagia program, from the evaluation to the discharge.


$19.99 +tax per unit or
$49.16 +tax  for all three units

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  • Dysphagia Evaluations
  • Dysphagia Therapy
  • Dysphagia Education 

Step-by-Step Implementation Guide Coming Soon!


I made this a digital purchase so you can leverage on tablets or print a fresh booklet for each new patient. 

You will be able to download your pdf module(s) immediately so you can be the caring and effective SLP you desire. 


  • Templates for CBSE or VFSS swallow studies including history, oral motor evaluation forms, evaluation impression forms and a patient friendly take home recommendations guide.
  • A full section of therapy tools including the ARMS©, an effective dysphagia teaching tool developed for maximizing dysphagia therapy carryover.
  • A variety of highly used, effective,  friendly and easy-to-read education materials developed to assist you in instructing your patient.
  • A full variety of easy-to-read swallowing strategies and exercises.
  • Patient-based education tools, such as 5 Habits for a Safer Swallow, in table-top format as well.
  • A dedicated diet education section for instructing patients regarding why you make the diet recommendations you do any why it is a smart medical move to follow your recommendations.
  • More than ten educational tools including strategies for dining out with dysphagia to creating a safer swallowing environment.


or individual units

Complete Dysphagia Module

$49.16 + tax

Dysphagia Evaluations Unit

$19.99 + tax

Therapy Unit

$19.99 + tax

Dysphagia Education Unit

$19.99 + tax

These tools bridge the gap between the skills gained through coursework and how to use them in your career, helping you be a better, more effective SLP.

These tools bridge the gap between the skills gained through coursework and how to use them in your career, helping you be a better, more effective SLP.

Helping SLPs feel confident in patient care every step of the way.

Take Your SLP Career to the Next Level

Mentor Coaching for Fresh SLP Graduates


Providing premiere mentor coaching focused on the personal side of the art of being a speech language pathologist. 1:1 sessions available now, with a group mastermind coming soon.

“Mattie is one of the most passionate clinicians I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. Her passion for the field is contagious and it motivated me to be a better clinician. Mattie easily builds rapport and connects with every client and patient she works with. She effectively shares her depth and breadth of knowledge with students and her years of experience are a true asset. Anyone would be lucky to work with Mattie! Her encouragement and easy going nature shaped me into a more confident speech-language pathologist and I am so grateful for all that I learned from her!”
– Jalynn Grosz, MA, CFY-SLP

COMING SOON! Fresh SLP Podcast & Instructional Videos

A Fresh SLP Podcast and engaging, instructional videos hosted by Mattie where it is all about real therapy, real questions and real answers that a new or evolving speech-language pathologist might face. 

All the basics of how to be an effective and compassionate SLP will be covered, including:

  • The basics of SLP and how to manage your sessions: from introducing yourself to the importance of homework.

  • Tips and strategies to make your sessions run smoother and your charting flow easier and more timely.
  • SLP Scripts - words for those important conversations you need to start.
  • How to step into the medical SLP world.
  • How to interview and negotiate your next job.
  • How to levearge all of the Fresh SLP materials and learning modules with your clients with confidence!

I am excited to be hosting this podcast because I’ve put in over 23,000 1:1 hours with patients in evaluations and therapy sessions, not to count the countless hours of talking with docs, family members and caregivers.

I have something to say! And as a new professor, I've discovered students are actually really eager to hear it. In fact, my grad students are who have inspired me to take up podcasting, as they want even more ways to digest my first-hand experience. 

My favorite thing about my career is the difference I make in the lives of others. Let me share my passion with you and show you how to be a better SLP!

Mattie Murrey-Tegels, MA, CCC/SLP

Founder, Fresh SLP

The topics covered on the Fresh SLP Podcast and educational videos will often be paired with accompanying forms and materials, such as "Fresh SLP Touchdowns," designed (with feedback from real grad students!) to be informative in a quickly consumable and rememberable model.

I am a first year SLP graduate student, and any knowledge and experience I can gain about externships, and clinical practice is priceless. From the first "Touchdown" meeting I attended with Mattie, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to ask more questions and gain more foundational knowledge in a fun and collaborative environment!

I have attended every meeting held since the beginning of the semester and whether the topic is cueing, or medical based, I take that new information with me into my sessions and keep in my brain for future use. The information presented is so concise and intriguing.

I have limited medical experience and from one half hour meeting alone about medical setting protocols I feel that much more prepared for future externships! Did you know that you must put extra protective equipment on and off in a very specific way? Now I do and will be one step ahead in a medical setting one day. Thank you, Mattie, and Fresh SLP!

Rachel Carlsgaard

First Year SLP Graduate Student




Stay tuned for more learning modules, step-by-step guides and instructional videos
  • VFSS Templates incorporating both standard terminology and MBSimP terminology, helping those SLPs MBSimP certified and non-MBSimP certified stay on they same page
  • Voice:  I had fun creating a voice program, complete with graphics, about Snow White and the 7 Voice Dwarfs (you know, Raspy, Breathy, Hoarse…)
  • Expressive Aphasia: a chart listing simplified word finding strategies, how and when to use them and supporting exercises
  • Receptive Aphasia: comprehensive and functional auditory directions, relevant to daily tasks
  • Dysarthria:  effective strategies for both speaker and listener to maximize communication effectiveness
  • Memory: simple charts for both internal and external memory strategies with functional applications and supporting exercises
  • Attention: an attention matrix and another chart (surprised😉) listing the 4 attention types and how they can affect a persons life and how to compensate for attention deficits
  • Problem Solving: real problems that real patients have encountered in a variety of settings (rehab, IP, OP, HH)


There really wasn’t much out there for adult speech and language therapy, so I started creating therapy tools with my graduate student and had so much fun that I continued creating templates, charts, flowsheets, etc for other SLPs.

Mattie (Martha) Murrey-Tegels

Founder, Fresh SLP

Founder of Fresh SLP & Fresh Ideas for Therapy

I was a technical writer for IBM Financial Programs before becoming a practicing SLP for 25 years, and have recently joined St. Cloud State as Assistant Professor & Clinical Advisor, Communication Sciences and Disorders. With that experience, I now create and write functional, focused, applicable programs to help SLPs provide the best care and education for adult clients. I also provide mentor coaching to new graduates, and will be releasing a podcast in 2020 aimed to further support their education. 

It satisfies my passion for helping people and is quite rewarding knowing I’m making a real difference in their lives.  I strive to make my worksheets, educational materials, podcasts and guidance bite-sized and easily understood.

I love my job! I am a member in the ASHA SIGs 3, 13, and 15. The FRESH Brand for SLPs and associated fields is something I am very passionate about. I invite you to join the FRESH SLP Community and be your best!

Founder of Fresh SLP & Fresh Ideas for Therapy

Copyright @2019 Fresh SLP. Mattie Murrey-Tegels. All Rights Reserved.

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