Having Troubles Expressing Yourself?

Having troubles finding words to express what you want to say or difficulties understanding what others say to you?

Expressive language is how we string our words together to complete a thought – kind of like stringing popcorn and cranberries on a string for the Christmas tree; when a key word is missing, our pattern is off and we have troubles saying what we want to say.

Receptive language is how well we understand what others are saying to us.  Most adults have been able to communicate their whole lives without difficulties, but because of a stroke of other medical change, are now unable to use language effectively like they used to do.

They may have troubles:

  • Finding words to express their thoughts
  • Talking in complete sentences
  • Troubles understanding what others are saying to them
  • Troubles reading
  • Troubles writing
  • Troubles spelling

Language therapy for an adult focuses on regaining their ability to communicate again through a series of progressive goals.

By completing a comprehensive evaluation, we will be able to identify both expressive and receptive language goals that you want to work on to maximize your abilities to communicate what you want and need! Contact me to get started!

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March 9, 2020

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