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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

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About Course

Have you ever felt like a fraud as an SLP? That someone is going to find out that you really don’t know what you are talking about? Impostor syndrome is real and many SLPs battle it on a daily basis. This false and sometimes damaging belief that your success is the product of luck or fraud rather than skills is a mindset that can be changed. Explore what Imposter Syndrome is, how and why it develops, and strategies you can use to overcome it.

What Will You Learn?

  • Learners will identify the root cause of Impostor Syndrome
  • Learners will list specific strategies for managing and overcoming Impostor Syndrome.
  • Learners will correlate neuroplasticity and Impostor Syndrome in developing healthy mindsets to combat Impostor Syndrome
  • Learners will recognize the importance of DEI-B in combating Impostor Syndrome

Course Content

Imposter Syndrome
In this course you will learn what Imposter Syndrome is, how it can affect you, strategies and tools you can use to detect it when it emerges, how to overcome it and some case studies on mental wellness, positive psychology and neuroplasticity approaches.

  • Introduction and Welcome
  • What is Impostor Syndrome?
  • What is the Impostor Syndrome Spectrum?
  • How Do You Overcome Impostor Syndrome?
  • How Do Perfectionism and Procrastination Tie Into Impostor Syndrome?
  • Which Tool Will You Use?
  • Impostor Syndrome Questions
  • Impostor Syndrome Case Studies

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