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At Fresh SLP, we understand that SLPs are constantly being asked to do more with less and although we have master’s degrees, we don’t always have the skillset needed to fully develop a plan of action, creating a pathway to success. We believe it’s important to help each other in order to find answers when confronted with challenging situations needing clarity.

That’s why we offer one-on-one coaching for SLPs to help you through your journey. We’ll work together to identify your strengths and challenges and share materials that have been field-tested and provide real results.

Best of all, you’ll have access to Mattie’s 25+ year experience to ask questions and get expert advice.

Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to hone your craft in a specific skill set, Fresh SLP’s coaching can help.

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Your Trainer & Coach, Mattie Murrey-Tegels, MA, CCC-SLP, L, CLSC

Single Session

One-hour coaching session to address what's on your mind

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ACT NOW Bundle

Bundle SIX hours of coaching to maximize impact and support

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Resume Bundle

Three, 30-minute sessions to make your resume and cover letter shine

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Interview Prep Bundle

Three, 30-minute sessions to prepare you to interview for an internship or job

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Meet Your Coach

Mattie Murrey-Tegels, MA, CCC-SLP, L, CLSC

I’m Mattie, the founder and SLP behind Fresh SLP. I’ve been “in the trenches” as a medical SLP for over 25 years and now as an Assistant Professor and Clinical Supervisor for an accredited CSD program, by passion has turned to supporting others in this ever-growing field. Adding this dream of coaching for SLPs within this community is the cherry on top of my dreams! If you ask my patients and students one thing they will remember about me, they will tell you how much I love my job!

Mattie's Promise

  • I promise to see you as a person. I promise to understand you in the context of normal life struggles and relate to you as one person relates to another.
  • I promise to provide the expertise you can trust. With over 25 years in the field, I will give you the benefit and the best of my insight and wisdom.
  • I promise to help you achieve a deeper change. Together, we will identify the core questions you are facing and create a comprehensive plan for lasting change.
  • I promise I will work for you outside of our sessions, planning and preparing for our work together. If needed, I will read, research, talk to colleagues – learn about what you need.
These promises and this level of attentiveness makes the difference between average coaching and mentoring, and the most effective coaching and mentoring.

Why not choose an SLP who takes the time to respond to what YOU need?
Fresh SLP CCC Coaching

6 Phases Coaching Model

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Learn to focus on your strengths and leverage them to achieve your goals.

A vision board helps you clarify your goals and aspirations, kick starts your imagination, and helps you visualize your goals.

Take your ideas from your vision board, organize them, create goals, and add a timeline in which to achieve those goals!

Figure out what you need to be competent for this new direction you are taking. Learn to look at the big picture!

Become confident in yourself and what you know and you will have won before you start.

Life is a result of the choices you have made. If you don’t like your life, let’s work on how you can change your choices.


Everything You Need to Succeed

Coaching is often the missing link between dreaming and making those dreams come true. It is the action that moves someone forward into their future, instead of repeating unproductive life patterns and staying STUCK in the same hamster wheel of life.

More than a cheerleader, a coach helps clarify your values, beliefs, purpose, and goals. Despite all our dreams, often we are resistant to change – coaching can be an essential element to achieving our dreams and longer-lasting happiness.


Schedule a call with Mattie and learn how we can grow together.

Get your career off to the right start!

CCC Coaching with Fresh SLP

Confidence • Competence • Choice