Books by Mattie Murrey Tegels, MA, CCC-SLP, L, CPC, CLSC

Mattie has been “in-the-trenches” as a medical SLP for more 25 years, an Assistant Professor and Clinical Supervisor for an accredited CSD program, and has trained as a life coach and as speaker on the topic of mental health. Simply put, she has a holistic perspective of both “hard and soft skills” required for SLPs to be successful, happy and well.

Because our own health is so vital to being able to serve others as an SLP, you will find threads of resiliency and mental wellness woven throughout all of Mattie’s work, and her latest books are no different.

Fresh SLP Graduate Student Planner


* Have you struggled with planning your schedule?
* Do you feel unorganized and always behind?
* Are you worried about missing assignments?
* Are you unsure of the best way to organize your clinic caseload?
* Do you get so stressed out that you can’t even think sometimes?
*Want to put your best foot forward as a SLP graduate student?

This Year 2022 planner is a great option for students who are looking for organization and mindfulness at the same time.

With the Fresh SLP Planner, you are on your way to maximizing your productivity, wellbeing, and success on this very important part of your journey.

Lessons on Becoming: 52 Weekly Inspirations & Reflections on How to Become the SLP You Were Meant to Be
COMING FEBRUARY 14, 2022 – Pre-order today

“Lessons on Becoming” is a weekly devotional inspiring new and transitioning speech language pathologists (SLPs) to push their growing edges while tapping into their uniqueness and inner strengths.

Comprised of inspirational notes from Mattie Murrey Tegels, MA, CCC-SLP, L, CPC, with accompanying journal pages for personal reflection, “Lessons on Becoming” will help you create and find more grace, joy and peace.

The Badass SLP: Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Being a Badass SLP

COMING SUMMER 2022 – Pre-order today

Wit and wisdom gleaned from riding motorcycles and a wild and wonderful SLP career!

Join Mattie Murrey Tegels, MA, CCC-SLP, L, CPC, CLSC, Founder of Fresh SLP and Badass SLP, as she weaves tales of motorcycles, lessons of growing up, and her wild and wonderful SLP career! 

“Badass SLP” is the self-help book for the SLPs who desperately want to improve their life and careers but aren’t sure how to move forward.  

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