12 Reasons SLP Grads Want All Access – to The Missing Link for Fresh SLPs

We experimented, you tried and provided feedback, we all brainstormed together and….introducing a refreshed Missing Link for Fresh SLPs Membership just for grad students and those newly graduated!

All Access Membership for $12.99/Month or $124.99/year (20% Savings!)
All individual courses $10

We launched the Missing Link for Fresh SLPs Membership last year to build upon the momentum and feedback we received from our podcast listeners, experimenting with technology, content and meeting types. Six months later, thanks to feedback from our Founding Members and a focused Listening Tour of students and experienced professionals alike of top struggles and opportunities, we are even more focused in on addressing the uncertainty between leaving school and starting an SLP career.

This membership is designed for busy grad students or newly graduated SLPs just beginning their career. 

We don’t expect you to be a member forever, just through this critical transition time as you complete grad school and start your formal career.

These courses address the professional and practical sides of navigating your early career journey or address skills that once honed, will serve you for a lifetime. 

For instance, professional skills might include resume writing, interviewing, email etiquette and conflict management techniques just for SLPs.

Practical skills might include step-by-step instructions of how to prepare and set up for specific evaluations at the bedside, when to complete different reports for different situations with go-to templates, or what to expect the first day as a medical SLP. 

The membership’s focus is about helping new SLPs actually walk the talk and become a confident professional. As always, our focus is not on the technical knowledge and theory – you do get that in school.


What’s changed about the Missing Link for Fresh SLPs Membership?

  1. Course topics and content refined for the student-level and shortened for quick consumption on breaks
  2. Courses broken into chapters for easy ongoing reference when you need the reminder
  3. Course and webinar slides provided for further study
  4. Even more pdf downloads for ongoing use by you and your patients
  5. Mobile-friendly site has been updated with key content categories in the main navigation to make learning-on-the-go easy
  6. A live touchpoint with Mattie every single week to ask your personal questions and learn from your peers’ experiences, on Zoom and on Facebook Live
  7. Want access to every course, live webinar and download? The new All-Access Membership is only $12.99/month or $124.99/year (20% savings), priced with students in mind.
  8. Courses will now always be $10 each when purchased individually.

What’s staying the same?

  1. Our passion and expertise, with every touchpoint created and led by Mattie, a medical SLP and professor who understands those missing links between theory and practice
  2. Get a first free coaching session to meet with Mattie and set you up for success when you become a member. 
  3. The free Community and Q&A Membership with access to free downloads and one live Q&A per month remains. 
  4. Our online community continues to grow as we find additional ways to connect with and inspire each other throughout the week.

If you are a student, I hope you join us, and if you are an experienced professional or professional, I hope you pass this information on to the next generation of SLPs in your life to give them a step up.


Did you know Mattie provides coaching to SLPs of all levels? Learn more here.

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